August 16, 2023Podcast Episodes
In this ASRM Today episode, Infertility Specialist Dr. Sangita Jindal, Ph.D., discusses the new ASRM EDGE Tool (Embryo Data Grading and Evaluation).

SART Fertility Experts – Behind the Scenes in the IVF Lab

June 29, 2021Podcast Episodes

Dr. Sangita Jindal, Associate Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Laboratory Director at Montefiore’s Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Health helps patients understand the importance of the IVF lab when choosing an IVF program. She also explains the rigorous training of embryologists, laboratory safety, as well as identification and cryo-storage of eggs, sperm and embryos in the lab. From eggs to embryos, the lab’s essential role in the IVF process is explained here.

Document review: Cryostorage of reproductive tissues in the IVF laboratory

July 30, 2020Podcast Episodes
"So the stakes are very high when you store cryopreserved embryos, eggs, sperm, testicular tissue, ovarian tissue, but even higher stakes when you cryopreserve and store tissue from cancer patients." --Sangita Jindal, Ph.D. In 2018, there were a number of notable failures of cryostorage which caused concern for patients and program safety for IVF in [...]