A Guide for ART Lab Design

November 20, 2022Webinars
This video, which was sponsored by LifeAire Systems, was shared from the International IVF Initiative Channel, Session 102 and features Sangita Jindal Ph.D. as co-moderator. The topic is a discussion of a landmark paper from an international expert group that met in 2017 in Cairo, Egypt to establish a consensus on recommended technical and operational [...]

Understanding Fertility & Embryology

July 14, 2022Webinars
This presentation about fertility is directed toward IVF patients and features Sangita Jindal, Ph.D., HCLD, and Mark W. Surrey MD. Dr. Jindal describes in detail the journey of eggs and embryos in the lab and advises how to interpret pregnancy rate statistics. The presentation begins with the advantages of SCRC-Santa Barbara which takes a holistic [...]

ASRM PC 2022 Lab Guidance

June 1, 2022Articles

This comprehensive guidance document for lab management and operations was created by Sangita K. Jindal Ph.D. as part of her work on the ASRM practice committee and published in August 2022. It is an update to a previous document from 2008 and is used nationally by all IVF labs as best practice guidance for lab operations, quality control, lab staffing and qualifications, and staffing volumes to ensure patient safety and optimal patient care.

Gingold et al, 2022

March 1, 2022Articles

In this publication by senior author Sangita K. Jindal Ph.D. and using data provided by SART, the adherence to guidelines for single embryo transfer in favorable-prognosis patients was examined using a national database of all IVF clinics in the US. It was determined that nonadherence with transfer guidelines was associated with dramatically increased multiple pregnancies, preterm births, and low birth weights.

Olcha et al, 2021

November 17, 2021Articles

Using a national database of all IVF clinics in the US, with data provided by SART, Sangita K. Jindal Ph.D., and her coauthors evaluated whether Hurricane Katrina was associated with worse pregnancy outcomes in the Gulf States in 2005-8. While no associations were found between hurricane exposure and preterm deliveries or miscarriage rates, a trend of fewer males born post-hurricane was found. It was postulated that extreme stress may be a factor that contributes to a reduced male-to-female ratio at birth.

Are We Approaching Automation in ART?

September 2, 2021Webinars
Sangita K. Jindal is one of the experts in this discussion about the article, “Are we approaching automated assisted reproductive technology? Sperm analysis, oocyte manipulation, and insemination,” recently published in F&S Reviews. Watch

The Book of IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

July 12, 2021Webinars
Sangita K. Jindal Ph.D. was a cohost of Session 66 at I3 (International IVF Initiative) and the video was shared from their YouTube channel. "IUI is an excellent option for infertile couples in low-resource settings. It's low cost and less invasive than IVF, " explained Jindal.