SART Fertility Experts – Behind the Scenes in the IVF Lab

June 29, 2021Podcast Episodes

Dr. Sangita Jindal, Associate Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Laboratory Director at Montefiore’s Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Health helps patients understand the importance of the IVF lab when choosing an IVF program. She also explains the rigorous training of embryologists, laboratory safety, as well as identification and cryo-storage of eggs, sperm and embryos in the lab. From eggs to embryos, the lab’s essential role in the IVF process is explained here.

Gingold et al, 2021

March 16, 2021Articles

The fertility program in New York was at the front lines of the COVID epidemic in early 2020.   Sangita K. Jindal Ph.D., a leading national authority in women’s healthcare and in vitro fertilization, was the lead author of this study which focused on screening IVF patients at a time when no vaccinations were available. The data suggested that universal screening among fertility patients is feasible and the safety of both mother and baby can be ensured using this testing strategy.

Intuitive Embryology: How to Prevent Your Lab from Going Viral

March 9, 2021Webinars
Sangita Jindal Ph.D. HCLD was a featured speaker on the topic of How to Prevent Your Lab from Going Viral. "In the context of the global pandemic, it may be useful to review tips for handing eggs, sperm, and embryos in the lab from virus-positive patients, " Dr. Jindal explained. This video was shared from [...]

Meng et al, 2021 

November 6, 2020Articles

Using a national database of all IVF clinics in the US with data provided by SART, lead author Sangita K. Jindal Ph.D. and her coauthors investigated whether live birth rates were different in relation to the infertility diagnosis of the patient. Only chromosomally normal embryos were transferred to the patients. It was concluded that a normal embryo results in similar live birth rates in women with different infertility diagnoses.

The Plastic Blastocyst

October 28, 2020Webinars
Sangita Jindal Ph.D. HCLD cohosted this session with Denny Sakkas, Ph.D. This video was shared from International IVF Initiative, Session 38. " This session focused on the biochemistry and metabolism of the human blastocyst. There are 3D modeling videos that are part of this talk that are definitely worth watching, " explained Jindal

How do disasters impact our perspectives on embryo cryostorage management?

September 3, 2020Webinars
Most disasters are unpredictable. But if we have a basic outline or template in place, we can have a better chance of surviving the impact successfully. Sangita Jindal Ph.D., HCLD was a featured speaker in this webinar which was sponsored by the International IVF initiative. Her learning objectives for this webinar included understanding best practices, [...]

Document review: Cryostorage of reproductive tissues in the IVF laboratory

July 30, 2020Podcast Episodes
"So the stakes are very high when you store cryopreserved embryos, eggs, sperm, testicular tissue, ovarian tissue, but even higher stakes when you cryopreserve and store tissue from cancer patients." --Sangita Jindal, Ph.D. In 2018, there were a number of notable failures of cryostorage which caused concern for patients and program safety for IVF in [...]